Dynamic Econometric Models

Clarification of Policy on Ghostwriting and Guest Authorship

In order to ensure the integrity of science the Editors has introduced a Ghostwriting Barrier. The authors are required to reveal the contribution of each authors to creating the manuscript (who is the author of the concept, assumptions, methods, composition, etc.). The financial contribution of research institutions, associations and other parties should be given (financial disclosure).

Any cases of the lack of integrity in science or academic dishonesty will be exposed, particularly not obeying the ethical principles of scientific research, which cover ghostwriting and guest authorship, and the relevant parties (institutions employing authors, scientific associations etc.) will be notified by the Editors.

Submission of a manuscript will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not under review elsewhere at the same time. Submitted material will not be returned to the author.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully. Manuscripts not meeting all of the requirements outlined below cannot be considered for publication and may be returned to the authors for completion.

Author Guidelines

  • Papers submitted to the Dynamic Econometric Models should satisfy formatting guidelines which are depicted in details in a layout file layout.docx.
  • The author's declaration should be added to the submitted paper (by the author or in the case of joint paper - by the declarant submitting the manuscript). The printed and signed author's declaration ought to be scanned and sent by e-mail to the Editor.
  • Paper has to be written in English in Microsoft Word format (docx (preferred) or doc version).
  • To enable the publisher to disseminate the author's work to the fullest extent, the author must sign a Licence Contract, transferring copyright in the article from the author to the publisher. The original signed agreement must be submitted to the Editorial Office upon acceptance of the paper by the Editor. Permission to republish must be obtained from the Editors.
All articles must conform to our formatting guidelines.

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